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STC I Pro ® 2

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The new STC | Pro ® pots are designed with an original shape and specific sizing. This unique patent pending construction creates ideal natural turbulence without increasing brew agitation leading to a more even extraction. The 1.5 mm thick copper ensures a durable product with ideal heat control during brewing. The pots are hammered with meticulous craftsmanship by experienced artisans. Small irregularities are deliberately left on the finished product, thus telling the story of its creation. Each piece is unique, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest knowledge in material science and coffee.

The ergonomic handle allows for ease of pouring and balance. Designed to accommodate most common cup sizes for Cezve / Ibrik / Turkish coffee, the double spouts accommodate right or left handed pouring.

The new STC | Pro ® provides a unique curvy, ergonomically designed handle for ease and comfort during pouring with a spout on both sides of the pot for right or left handed pouring. The handle is designed and manufactured from a special alloy to prevent over heating.

The new STC | Pro ® pot has an enhanced shape. The patent pending dome shaped bottom increases the gentle internal turbulence during brewing, eliminating the need for external agitation. The narrowed neck enhances foam production without the need to boil the slurry. These enhancements prevent over extraction during brewing.

The double spout is unique to the STC | Pro ®. Having a spout on both sides of the pot allows for those who are left handed to pour as easily as those who as right handed. In the coffee shop environment this also allows a barista to pour two cups simultaneously.

STC | Pro ® 2 is designed for two cups.

General Rules for care and use of your STC I Pro ® Turkish Coffee Pot / Cezve / Ibrik:

  • Wash with warm soapy water and dry after each use taking special care to be sure no grounds stay in the pot.
  • With normal use the outer surfaces may become tarnished, use a metal polish to restore the copper to its original luster.

STC I Pro ® 2
STC I Pro ® 2 Sale price€85,90

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