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Family Project Supremo

Our quality standards

We are convinced that no machine can replace a traditional roasting start and a good roasting master. At Supremo, coffee is not industrially produced - because Supremo is a traditional family coffee roaster. Day after day we work hard together to produce the best coffee and to inspire our customers for true coffee enjoyment! We attach great importance to first-class and always checked manual work.

The roasting craft

We roast in several small, traditional cast-iron roasting drums. We take our time until the coffee is really well roasted - each roasting batch separately. Due to the slow roasting, the coffee tastes strong and is particularly easy on the stomach and digestible. Insiders call this "Cast Iron Slow Roast". We call it: "Good things take time". Because if you roast too hot and too fast, you get beans that are brown on the outside - but don't reveal much of the magic inside. But this is exactly what we want to get out of the beans. After roasting, we do not rub the beans with water. We cool them with air and thus give them the opportunity to intensify the roasting aroma. Best craftsmanship and time - that is our secret!