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Coffee Sets

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Esperanza Set
Marzipan · Hazelnut · Chocolate
Sale priceFrom €39,95 Regular price€42,00
Costa Rica
Don Luis Set
Chocolate · Almonds · Creamy
Sale priceFrom €45,95 Regular price€49,00
Meu Brasil Set
Smooth · Vanilla · Chocolate
Sale priceFrom €39,95 Regular price€42,00
Babu Bio Set
Honey Cake · Caramel · Dark Cherry
Sale priceFrom €49,95 Regular price€54,00
Super Mujeres Filter Set
Toffee · Maple Syrup · Banana
Sale priceFrom €55,95 Regular price€59,00
100% Arabica Blend
Easy Tiger Bio Set
Roasted Almonds · Cocoa · Nougat
Sale priceFrom €45,95 Regular price€49,00
Guji Set
Peach · Jasmine · Rooibos Tea
Sale priceFrom €49,95 Regular price€54,00
Costa Rica
La Familia Set
Sweet · Tropical Fruit · Nougat
Sale priceFrom €44,95 Regular price€47,00


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Junge Frau pflückt Kaffee Bohnen in Indien (Araku)

Nachhaltigkeitsrevolution Araku Valley

Wir sind wieder einen Schritt nach vorne in Sache Direct-Trade-Bio-Kaffees und arbeiten ab diesem Jahr in Indien nur noch mit Bio-Arabicas aus Araku! Wir haben in den vergangenen Jahren schon einig...

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Tütenfarbe = Geschmacksprofil

Bag Color = Flavor Profile

During recent years, we pondered a lot about the subject packaging and sustainability to make the first contact one has with our coffee not only more beautiful but also better in a holistic way. Fi...

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Finca Dona Elsa | Wie alles begann | Part 1

Finca Doña Elsa | How Everything Started | Part 1

Finally the time has come! A delivery of green coffee from Costa Rica has reached Kapellenstraße. It’s tiny in comparison to the deliveries we typically receive, but this time the excitement is p...

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