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Araku Valley

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Honey Cake · Caramel · Dark Cherry
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Island Village
Blood Orange · Brazil Nut · Brownie
Sale priceFrom €12,40(€4,96/100g)
Chocolate · Caramel · Honey
Sale priceFrom €8,90
Musiri Village
Orange · Blackberry · Dark Cherry
Sale price€15,40(€7,70/100g)
Babu Bio Set
Honey Cake · Caramel · Dark Cherry
Sale priceFrom €49,95 Regular price€54,00

Model Project


The Araku Valley is pure nature, and its inhabitants have always lived in harmony with it.

So it's not surprising that the region is at the forefront of the organic revolution in specialty coffee. In addition to ecology, economic sustainability for farmers is also added here with the help of the Naandi Non-Profit Organization, who can invest in self-help sustainably for their own families and family businesses.



In recent years, the "Gems Of Araku" project, in which we are regularly allowed to help as judges, has also brought the focus on the highest possible quality. Today, coffee in Araku is cultivated exactly as we wish: sustainably, well-processed, and of top-quality.

Thirst for coffee and for knowledge?

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the gems of Araku and Araku Coffee in general stand for the future of sustainability in specialty coffee. Further information regarding this extraordinary project in our

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