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100% Arabica Blend
Paris Dakar
Bittersweet · Intense · Spicy
Sale priceFrom €7,91(€3,16/100g)
100% Arabica Blend
Sansibar Crema
Nutty · Aromatic · Fruity
Sale priceFrom €8,38(€3,35/100g)
Sumatra Bio
Cocoa · Molasses · Cedar Wood
Sale priceFrom €8,38(€3,35/100g)
Monsooned Malabar AA
Spicy · Walnut · Smoky
Sale price€7,44(€2,98/100g)
Anokhi AA
Caramel · Spices · Balanced
Sale priceFrom €7,91(€3,16/100g)
Primo Coffee
Aromatic · Floral · Caramel
Sale priceFrom €7,91(€3,16/100g)
Dark currant · cranberry · passion fruit
Sale price€12,05(€6,03/100g)


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Tütenfarbe = Geschmacksprofil

Bag Color = Flavor Profile

During recent years, we pondered a lot about the subject packaging and sustainability to make the first contact one has with our coffee not only more beautiful but also better in a holistic way. Fi...

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Finca Dona Elsa | Wie alles begann | Part 1

Finca Doña Elsa | How Everything Started | Part 1

Finally the time has come! A delivery of green coffee from Costa Rica has reached Kapellenstraße. It’s tiny in comparison to the deliveries we typically receive, but this time the excitement is p...

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Röster des Jahres

Röster des Jahres

Crema Magazin kürt "Röster des Jahres" Der „Röster des Jahres 2020“ ist die Supremo Rösterei aus Unterhaching. Sie überzeugte die Jury über einen längeren Zeitraum mit der Qualität der angeboten...

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