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Easy Tiger Bio Set

Roasted Almonds · Cocoa · Nougat · Intense

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Our Bundles are the best deals that we exclusively offer in our online shop for select coffees.

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  1. A package size
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e.g. 1000 g × Set of 10 × 4 times means 40 Kg of coffee total

Sets are exclusively available in our online store and cannot be combined with other discounts.




100% Arabica


Guatemala · Mexico · Colombia

Suitable For

Filter | Fully Automatic Coffee Maker | Espresso Machine

Recepe for Double Espresso


18 – 19 g
45 – 50 g
25 – 29 s

Online Exclusive

Our bundles are only available here in our online shop and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Easy Tiger Bio Set
Easy Tiger Bio Set Sale price€45,95 Regular price€49,00

GET THE BEST OUT OF Easy Tiger Bio Set

When it comes to coffee, a bit of attention to detail helps somewhat.
With a precise scale and a suitable tamper, the espresso becomes a tad better ...

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