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Baracuda C60 Velvet Steel

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The COMANDANTE® C60 BARACUDA® is a robust, high-performance manual coffee grinder with the biggest and most advanced burr set design COMANDANTE® ever released.

This is not about bigger being better. COMANDANTE® were simply curious: how big a burr set could they fit into a familiar and manageable manual grinder format? In the end, the power of our BARACUDA burr set pushed them to create a new grinder body with a solid chassis that could harness its full potential. They developed a unibody construction, milled and crafted out of a single block of steel, for absolute stability and maximum drivetrain efficiency. 

Creating this unibody construction out of steel is particularly challenging, but it’s absolutely worth it to create the perfect burr housing. COMANDANTE® have pushed the boundaries of manufacturing techniques and quality, using processes normally reserved for high performance motor parts. The result is a bold and clear-cut design that perfectly supports the function. It’s a hefty one-kilogram hand grinder that is simply so fun to use.

Made in Germany.

More info about the Comandante® can be found on the Comandante® website

hard as steel

Grinders made from NITRO BLADE® steel retain their sharpness due to their martensitic structure and are characterized by an incredibly long lifespan.


The Gold Clix® system allows for precise click-adjustment of the C60 Baracuda® for every coffee, exactly right. Finer than the standard axle, coarser than Red-Clix®: the golden mean.


With the largest grinder ever installed in a Comandante, the C60 Baracuda® grinds 2–3 times faster than a C40.

Built for you!

The Comandante fits into any environment. Whether a wooden living room or a tiled kitchen. Whether city, country (or river). Customize your Comandante to your environment and your taste!

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