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Article: The Re-Glas® Project

Das Re-Glas® Projekt

The Re-Glas® Project


The Re-Glas is a new initiative of Supremo for Supremo customers, focussing on environment friendly and sustainable packaging and thereby reducing plastic use and waste.

We realise the impact of packaging and packaging materials on the environment and thus see the need for the reduction of waste. The Re-Glas is our way of taking a step towards that direction.

For this reason, we have a selection of Espresso, Crema-Coffee and seasonal Single Origin Espressi that are created for the Re-Glas project.


Buy a filled Re-Glas® and pay a one-time system fee of 5€ per jar. This way, the next time you buy or return the empty Re-Glass®, you only pay for the contents of the glass, the roasted coffee beans. To stay true to the thought of sustainability, Re-Glasses can only be returned at the Roastery. We do not accept returns via shipment for the exchange system.


Returning the Re-Glas® is possible at SUPREMO Coffee Roastery only. We do not accept returns via shipment for the exchange program.

If a damaged or very dirty Re-Glas is returned, we reserve our right not to accept it. In this case the system fee must be paid once again when purchasing a new Re-Glas. This ensures the underlying thought of sustainability and accountability.

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