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Preparation filter coffee

There are many different recipes that lead to an excellent cup of coffee, the following example should serve as a basic recipe and can be changed and adapted according to your wishes and willingness to experiment. With this recipe you will brew about 270 ml of coffee, that is one cup, or two cups.

Here is a small guide:

Water temperature 90 – 96 °C 90 – 96 °C
Brewing ratio 1:15 1:15
Dose 18 g 18 g
Amount of water 300 g 300 g
Grind Medium 20 – 30 Clicks on the Comandante Medium-coarse 24 – 35 Clicks on the Comandante

Step by step

Step 1 Preparation:

  • Grind 18 g of coffee
  • Rinse the filter paper to get rid of papery flavor and preheat the brewer.

Step 2 Blooming:

  • Pour in 18 g of coffee.
  • Start timer.
  • With approx. 40 g water, wet all coffee evenly and quickly.

Blooming prepares the coffee for the coming extraction.

Step 3 Intervals:

Use slow circular motions going inward and back outward in spirals for each pour

  • 00:30 min to 120 g
  • 00:50 min to 180 g
  • 01:15 min to 240 g
  • 01:40 min to 300 g

Finally, wait until the coffee has finished brewing and enjoy!