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Preparation Espresso

There are many different recipes that lead to an excellent cup of espresso. This example should serve as a basic recipe and can be changed and adapted according to your wishes and willingness to experiment. For each espresso of our line-up we provide a recipe that works well for us.

Preparation in a portafilter (general rules of thumb)

Water temperature 90-96 °C
Brewing ratio 1:2,8
Dose 18 g
Yield 50 g
Time 25-30 s

Step by step instructions

  1. Take the portafilter out of your brew group and rinse the group briefly.
  2. Place your clean and dry portafilter on a scale and tare it.
  3. Grind the desired amount of coffee (dose) into your portafilter.
  4. Distribute the ground coffee evenly in the sieve, you can use your finger here or a distributor.
  5. When tamping, it is important to apply pressure vertically to the coffee to ensure even compaction. It is also important to apply pressure only once to avoid channeling.
  6. Remove any coffee residue from the edge of the screen.
  7. Start your shot as soon as you place the portafilter in the group.
  8. Stop your shot when your target yield is reached.
  9. When there’s no more coffees to make, empty, clean and dry your portafilter, flush the group and place the portafilter back into the group to ensure it stays hot.


Problem Possible reasons Solution
Espresso tastes bitter

Grind too fine
Over dosed
Tamping pressure too high

→ results in long shot time

Coarser grind
Reduce dose
'normal' tamping pressure

→ results in faster shot time

Espresso tastes sour Grind too coarse
Under dosed
Forgot to tamp

→ results in shorter shot time
Finer grind
Increase dose

→ results in longer shot time
Espresso is too strong Over dosed
Too little water
Decrease dose
Increase amount of water
Espresso is too mild/weak Under dosed
Too much water
Increase dose
Decrease amount of water