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Public Cupping

Cupping is the best way to show the differences between coffees

Public Cupping

Finally we ca invite you again to our public cuppings! Here, you can experience the diversity that is possible in coffee. Our roasting team will guide you through tasting a few different coffees to widen your palate and to get to know your personal preferences a bit better. And of course: to have a lot of fun.

The Cupping:

In a coffee cupping, different coffees are brewed in so called cupping bowls following a strict standardized procedure. After that, the participants taste the coffees with the help of a cupping spoon, getting a small amount of coffee to their lips and slurping it to experience the flavors as intensely as possible. In a public cupping, the coffee is transferred from the spoon into a small cup in order to comply with the hygienic standards of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and to minimize the risk of contamination.

Every participant has the chance to compare the coffees to each other and to focus on different aspects as they go on. For example: Of what does that flavor remind me? How does the coffee feel in my mouth? How does the coffee change when cooling down to near room temperature?

Every cupping is a pleasure and we are happy to once again be able to share this with you.

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Next public cuppings:

Saturday, May 4th 11am

in our roastery in Kapellenstraße 9