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World of Coffee Athens

We are excited to participate in the World of Coffee again. You can find our coffees at our own booth in the Roaster Village North (Booth 65), where Jakob and Merouane are happy to brew these delicious nuggets for you. They brought coffee from Pepe Jijón, Kamal Zaid and from Finca Las Margaritas.

Poursteady (Booth CE-014) June 27th 2.30 PM – 4.30 PM
Slayer (Booth CE-007B) June 28th 12.30 PM – 2.30 PM
BestBrew (Booth CB-006) June 29th 10.30 AM – 12.00 PM

Have fun exploring …

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Bait Alal
Pomegranate · Blueberry · Raisin
Sale price€19,80